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Here you will find many video instructions for operating the heater or the app.


A constantly growing database of questions and answers are at your disposal.


 Here is the right answer for (almost) every question.

First steps: Install & register Smartbox

Equipment Smartbox

The Smartbox is required to control the radiators with the DSM thermostat using web or smartphone applications. The Smartbox communicates with the radiators via the Internet and with the home router. The Smartbox communicates wirelessly with the radiators and is connected to the home router via an Ethernet cable (supplied). A DSD thermostat does not require this Smartbox and steps 1-3 and 5 can be skipped!

1)   Connect the smart box to the home router with the Ethernet cable

2)   Connect the micro USB cable to the smart box and the included power adapter

3)   Turn on the smart box.

4)   Download the APP

  • Which APP you need is included in your instructions , which you received with the purchase. Contact us if you need help.


5)   Register the smart box

Daily and weekly programming

Correct "blink" of the Smartbox

Add heater to app

All other functions and operations can be found in the video instructions and the FAQs

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